Bravo Screens – The No Slamming Retractable Screen

Bravo Retractable Screen Features

When looking for a retractable French door screen. We went with Bravo Screens. We liked that they had retractable screens that does not slam. We previously had screens from other companies that slammed shut and this not loud and noisy. This time we knew we wanted a retractable screen that had the full insect and solar protection , but did NOT slam! So, we ordered from Bravo.

Right away, we noticed that Bravo Screens had a very large selection of retractable screens that will work for almost any application – single doors, double doors, French doors, garages, skylights, patios, porches, lanais and large enclosures. They offered easy to order on the phone or online and with fast delivery. We received our screen exactly when they said it would arrive.

We ordered and installed the retractable screen door system 36 for our patio French doors. It is a perfect fit and disappears into the door frame, almost looking like part of the door. There was a nice selection of colours to choose from, so we could easily match our door frame. I also liked that the retractable screen had felt liner in top and bottom tracks. Bravo said it was to eliminate any bugs or insects from crawling in. Also, the felt helped prevent the screen from coming off of the tracks under windy conditions.

The screen door was very easy to install and there were PDFs for “How to measure ” and installation guides on the website. I noticed that all the parts are power-coated and it did not require any lubrication at all. Very low maintenance. The retractable screens came with lifetime warranty, except on the screen mesh fabric, even if you install it yourself! Now that’s a first, I have not seen that from any manufacturers.

We have tried this screen and it is a smooth, gliding easy and attractive screen. There indeed was NO slamming. The screens all have a hydraulic clutch system that will automatically slow it down and prevents it from slamming. This is a great feature and quite nice as compared to other brands on the market. Bravo told us of a few other distinguishable features on their screens – a full length magnetic strips from top to the bottom is used. This magnetic strip holds the screen’s sliding pull bar in place as compared to other brands. Also the handles are adjustable on both sides, therefore, you can just slide and set them where you want them to be.

I also liked that Bravo gave you options with your retractable screen – you could order it in kit form or ready to install. The kit form was less expensive and they said that with a small amount of assembly, you were ready to go. We decided to purchase the ready to install. All we needed was a cordless drill and screw driver bit to install our screen and in about 30minutes the job was done. That’s very good since we had never installed one before. Very soon we were enjoying our new retractable screen. Thanks Bravo. We will be back!

P.S. We enclosed a photo of our screen. Looks great doesn’t it!

Picture supplied by customer of Bravo Screens (French Door Screen)