Retractable Screen Benefits That Will Benefit You

Retractable Screen Features by Bravo Screens

One of the best ways to enjoy your beautiful views AND have your doors or windows open is with retractable screens. What is a retractable screen door? Many people are still not aware of these fantastic product considering it is reported that only about 50% population is aware of the benefits of these wonderful screens. This article is designed to share their benefits and if you don’t already, you will see what a great solution they are to solve many of door and window dilemmas.

Retractable screens doors are custom made to your measurement for your windows, doors, skylights, garages, patios, porches, lanais, balconies, French doors and large enclosures like folding doors or pool areas. They provide you ideal insect and solar protection while in use. Yet when you are not using them, they retract back into their housing, out of sight and protected away. So there is no more taking down fixed screens in winter. Retractable ones are especially useful where a conventional screen door cannot be used because of lack of space. Some of these areas are: sliding glass patio doors, double French doors or doors where there is sufficient clearance available for you to open them. Also, retractable screen doors use much less area when compared to their conventional counterpart, so they provide an added benefit over their contemporaries. Truly, it is sad when you have these great glass windows and doors and do not open them up to allow fresh air and sunshine in.

Retractable screens benefits include a smooth and easy sliding open and close, that will fit almost any doorway or window. They are a great option to allow you to take full advantage of the natural air ventilation, instead of having to use fans or air conditioning to cool your home or business. These products give you not only a nice esthetic, but functional protection, as well.

These products are sometimes called disappearing screen doors because they retract away out of sight when not in use. They are affordable for most budgets and range from inexpensive do-it-yourself installed models to electric motorized custom made models. The nice thing for the DIYers out there, is that the assemble and installation requires just a few tools and the step up is simple and easy to do.

Retractable screen doors are a beautiful addition because they are available in a variety of colours, wood grain finishes, solar and pet mesh and so many more options that will meet your needs.

The most ideal feature of a retractable screen is that they do not distract from your views because they disappear into the natural recesses of the frame thus, the appear virtually invisible. Enjoying your beautiful views from your home or office is a must and with these products as an option is that goal is attainable. Also, there are invisible screens that have a special clutch system that will NOT SLAM when retracting back!

When deciding on screens for your windows and doors, do not forget about retractable screens as a great solution. They provide more benefits over conventional ones and come in affordable price to suit any wallet.

So now that you know more about what is a retractable screen and all its benefits how could you not want one?

Retractable French Door Screens – Ultra Glide or Power Screens

Ultra Glide Screen that is Balanced for Smooth Opening & Closing

Retractable screens are a wonderful way to enjoy your patio or porch area. They allow you to open up your patio french doors and let the outside in! Most of the large or wider patio door screens on the market have a middle bar for support. However, we have a new type of French Door Screen that has NO middle bars. This means that you can open up your door and have an unobstructed view with Bravo Retractable French door screens. It provides the same complete insect and solar protection, while maintaining your view!

These screens can be manual operated or motorized power screens, which ever operating system you prefer. For larger areas or wide or tall screens, motorization is recommended because of convenience and ease. Motorization provides less strain and easy opening and closing with a press of a button, flip of a switch or with motion controlled sensors.

The Ultra glide retractable screen pulls horizontally from one side, all the way across the french doors. It retracts back so smooth that it glides effortlessly. Upon opening, it will move back to the half way spot to let you out, without retracting all the way back. This adjustment can be made during installation. Like all other Bravo Retractable Screens its easy to install and can be fitted in-swing & out-swing French Doors, as well as standard doors, patio and porch doors. There are so many options for screening your windows and doors with Bravo!

Motorized Screens – So Many Options On Our Retractable Screens

Motorized Screen

We just purchased a new very cool motorized screens for our doors and windows from Bravo Screens and Bravo Blinds . We can use our TV Remote, Wall Switch or a Motion Sensor to activate it. After installing and enjoying it for a month, we are wondering how we lived without it for so long. It truly has made our life easier.

Here is a few interesting points about our motorized screen:

* The TV remote can operate up 2000 shades & screens.We only have use the up or down button and our screen is moving!

* Our screen system is compatible with other home automation systems.

*Rf remote also in New M 76 & M 101 Systems

* The coolest of all is the motion activated screen system for any door or openings because when you walk up to the door screens it goes up after you pass through it comes down. This is great for our pets and for wheelchair access.

The people at Bravo Screens know how to come up with the coolest products for your home. Their system 36 is the smallest motorized screen system in the world. It is so compact that it is barely noticeable! Also, their motorized retractable screens have a new solar -coated fabric that gives you 99% view out, but cannot see in! It is a great feature that not only gives you and your family privacy, but stops UV rays. It will keep your home cooler in the summer months and reduce your energy bills as air conditioning will not be needed as much.

We purchased a retractable screen for door with the new view fabric. I have to tell you what difference it makes. Another great feature is that the fabric comes in quite a few colors.

Here is a picture of our motorized screen. (P.S. It even fits our special tilt & glide door!)

Bravo Screens – The No Slamming Retractable Screen

Bravo Retractable Screen Features

When looking for a retractable French door screen. We went with Bravo Screens. We liked that they had retractable screens that does not slam. We previously had screens from other companies that slammed shut and this not loud and noisy. This time we knew we wanted a retractable screen that had the full insect and solar protection , but did NOT slam! So, we ordered from Bravo.

Right away, we noticed that Bravo Screens had a very large selection of retractable screens that will work for almost any application – single doors, double doors, French doors, garages, skylights, patios, porches, lanais and large enclosures. They offered easy to order on the phone or online and with fast delivery. We received our screen exactly when they said it would arrive.

We ordered and installed the retractable screen door system 36 for our patio French doors. It is a perfect fit and disappears into the door frame, almost looking like part of the door. There was a nice selection of colours to choose from, so we could easily match our door frame. I also liked that the retractable screen had felt liner in top and bottom tracks. Bravo said it was to eliminate any bugs or insects from crawling in. Also, the felt helped prevent the screen from coming off of the tracks under windy conditions.

The screen door was very easy to install and there were PDFs for “How to measure ” and installation guides on the website. I noticed that all the parts are power-coated and it did not require any lubrication at all. Very low maintenance. The retractable screens came with lifetime warranty, except on the screen mesh fabric, even if you install it yourself! Now that’s a first, I have not seen that from any manufacturers.

We have tried this screen and it is a smooth, gliding easy and attractive screen. There indeed was NO slamming. The screens all have a hydraulic clutch system that will automatically slow it down and prevents it from slamming. This is a great feature and quite nice as compared to other brands on the market. Bravo told us of a few other distinguishable features on their screens – a full length magnetic strips from top to the bottom is used. This magnetic strip holds the screen’s sliding pull bar in place as compared to other brands. Also the handles are adjustable on both sides, therefore, you can just slide and set them where you want them to be.

I also liked that Bravo gave you options with your retractable screen – you could order it in kit form or ready to install. The kit form was less expensive and they said that with a small amount of assembly, you were ready to go. We decided to purchase the ready to install. All we needed was a cordless drill and screw driver bit to install our screen and in about 30minutes the job was done. That’s very good since we had never installed one before. Very soon we were enjoying our new retractable screen. Thanks Bravo. We will be back!

P.S. We enclosed a photo of our screen. Looks great doesn’t it!

Picture supplied by customer of Bravo Screens (French Door Screen)

Retractable Screens

This site is dedicated to Retractable Screens manual & motorized that can be used for any applications such as Front Door, French Doors, Garage Door, Patio,Balcony and Gazebo and will be testing all different retractable screens.

These screens have been around for about 30years or more but the modern one are much better and can be used for most openings. They are out of the way when not in use and you are not always looking through the screen.

We hope this website will help you in make the right choice for the Retractable Screen that is trouble free service.

Most of the retractable companies are reputable they all have their differences in design most of the retractable screens SLAM when you open them so have to be care full.

We have been doing research of the top companies and their products & will be posting our testing and installation results.

Here is list of some of the top companies in the world and how they sell their products.

1-Bravo Screens– Canadian & US manufacture – online USA , Canada online & installed by 750 installers & other countries Plus DIY for any applications.

2-Genius Screens – OEM manufactures no sales to consumers.

3-Seiki Screens – Japaneses manufacture sold through retailers

4- Alco Ventures- Canadian manufacture sold through dealers

5-Phantom Screens – Canadian Manufacture sold through dealers.

This information is not just for home owners but will help retailer and businesses that are interested in carrying retractable screens.

Bravo Retractable Screens – No Slam



We are excited to show our new commercial with our “no slam” retractable screens for your doors and windows. These screens are ideal for any use. Unlike the competition, they will not slam shut, so no more noisy opening and closing! They provide full insect and bug protection,while still allow complete air circulation. With the summer heat, keep your indoors cool with Bravo retractable screens.

Opening Up Your Home

Single Door Retractable Screen
Window Pull Down Retractable Screen







Spring is in the air for most of us in the country. With spring comes spring cleaning and getting ready for warmer weather. As we make that turn into spring, think about putting some retractable screens on your windows and doors. One of the major advantages of a retractable screen is that it allows you to open up your windows, doors, garages, patios and porches to allow fresh air in, but keep bugs and any debris out! Opening up your windows and doors allows you to bring fresh air circulation through your home or business.

Retractable screen is ideal from screening windows, doors and other openings because when they are not in use the screen will retract back into its cassette, making it disappear from sight! When the screen is retracted back into the cassette, it protects its from damage and from environmental wear and tear.

When you screen is in use, the aluminum frame and screen mesh are barely visible. The screens are custom made to fit your window or door, so it will fit seamlessly on the frame. Thus, it is barely visible to the eye. Plus, you can choose from a selection of colors for your frame, so it will match the window or door frame.

You also have several options of screen mesh. There is the reinforced screen mesh, UV solar coated mesh, that provides UV protection, and pet resistant mesh, which is 7x stronger than standard meshes and will not rip or tear. Each mesh will provide 100% insect and bug protection, but each of them have unique features unto themselves.

There are so many great options and advantages with retractable screens. So with spring in the air, think about opening up your home or business with a retractable screen.

Bravo Home Honored With Customer Service Award


French Door Retractable Screen Ultra Glide

Hi Everyone!

We are so honored to announce that we have just received Best Houzz award of 2014. We, at Bravo are proud of the products and customer service we provide and now the community at Houzz agrees. Houzz is an online residential and commercial remodeling and design community of more than 15 million users. To be recognized by them is truly an honor.

You won Best of Houzz 2014!
Hi Bravo Home and congratulations,

We’re writing to let you know that you’ve been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2014 awards!

Your work won in the Customer Satisfaction category, which is based on reviews your received on Houzz in 2013, as well as other factors related to your profile.

Please visit our Houzz page or visit us at Bravo screens.

We at Bravo are so excited about 2014 and the wonderful retractable screening products that we provide for almost any residential or commercial use. We offer custom manufactured and DIY kits that will perfect fit your doors and windows. A Bravo retractable screen will not slam shut and give a quiet and effortless opening and closing because of patent clutch system. Our products and service is second to none and we would be thrilled for you to see for yourself.

If you are looking to open up your living spaces and allow more fresh air circulation without nasty bugs or insects coming in then Bravo Home is your retractable screen solution.

Why You Should Be Thinking About A Retractable Screen Now

Retractable Door Screen that Never Slams







Motorized Screens with Remote

Thinking about a retractable screen door? You are probably laughing reading this question, but you shouldn’t be. This is the best time to purchase your retractable screen as it is the off season. Why pay high prices in season, when you can find better savings during the off season.

I know it is hard to think about opening your doors and using Bravo screens when the temperatures are freezing and snow covers many of the grounds around the country. Yet, having the foresight to know the best times to pick up bargains can save you money and get you the products that you want is a win/win!

Bravo screens are ideal for almost any door or window in your home or business because they allow you to open them up to the outside and allow fresh air to circulate through, without any bugs and insects getting in. They are easy to open and close and Bravo screens will not slam or make loud slamming noises when they retract back into their casing. Also, the casing come in a complement of colors and allow them to appear as part of the door or window frame.

Give us a call at 1-800 – 446 – 1626 and see what savings we can offer you, it may not make your winter warmer, but it will make you smile.

Opening Up With Retractable Garage Screen Doors


Garage Door Screen Manual or Motorized
Screen your Garage with a Bravo Retractable Screen Door

Garages are a popular space during the fall and winter as many people are moving indoors and looking for more space. Garages are popular because they general are a big open space that can be used for many different things from an extra living space to a gym or workshop. Truly garages have become more than for just storage and parking cars.

Garages are great because they allow you to open up your space to the outdoors, but still have an indoor feel. One of the biggest drawbacks to having your garage door open is that insects and bugs are looking for a warm home and flying debris seems to alway find a way into the nooks and crannies of your garage. A great way to combat the drawback or negatives of having your doors, windows or garages open to the outside is with a retractable screen.

Retractable screens are custom manufactured to your opening, window, door, garage or almost any other open space. The custom manufacturing means a perfect fit overtime. Also, these screens will provide you 100% complete insect protection, while still allowing natural air ventilation in. The great thing is when they are not in use, they will slide back into their housing or casing for protection. That means the screen is out of sight and less likely to get damaged when not in use. Retractable screens come in a ready to install or DIY kit. The kit saves you so money but does require a few adjustments before you are ready to install. But in no time, your retractable garage screen door kitt is ready to install.
Retractable garage screen doors are ideal in transforming your garage to a useable work or living space. So whether you are relaxing, working on a project or working out, your garage will still be able to be opened up to the outdoors when you want to provide you with a safe space without bother from all the nuisances that try to sneak in.

Retractable garage screens are available with manual or motorized operation. A motorized garage door screen allows for easy opening and closing, just like an automatic garage door opener. No fuss and no muss, just nice fresh air circulation.