Although only 50% of the population is aware of their benefits, there are two main reasons to install a retractable screen doors or windows. The first is that it can be challenging to find a standard size one to fit the space provided by some exterior doors and window styles. Garage openings, French doors, and even some sliding style doors can present serious obstacles when it comes to finding an option that is effective, functional, and attractive all at the same time. Since a retractable screen doors fits any door style, from traditional on up to the most unique designs, it is the perfect solution for any openings where traditional hanging options are notpractical.

The second reason to choose a retractable screen door over standard models is the view. Standard screens are in your line of sight year round, dulling your view of the outdoors, collecting dust and debris, and blocking sunlight. With a retractable screen door or window, all those obstacles cease that ceases to be a problem. These door and window screens seemlessly disappear when fully retracted, meaning the view out of your  door or window is unobstructed and clear as day.

At Bravo, we offer the widest selection and options available, from motorization to temperature and motion sensor control of each product. We manufacturer retractable units for any large openings such as patios, verandas, balconies, gazeboes and so much more. Bravo products are know for their patent clutch system that ensures absolutely no slamming upon opening, but rather provides you a smooth retraction every time.

At Bravo, we are also known for the ease of installation of our products, which makes it easy for those of us that like to do it ourselves. In addition, we provide products that provide ideal control the sun’s exposure through our solar coated fabrics. These fabrics are ideal to help reduce fading of interior furnishings and hard wood floors, all the while still filtering out unwanted heat, glare and insects. At Bravo, we offers the most innovative screen designs are the cream of the crop, and their cutting edge technology and design is revolutionizing the industry.

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