We were recently contacted by a local contractor who had a unique challenge. He has a business that provides services for handicapable customers. He had a customer who needed wheelchair accessible retractable screens for his patio and garage doors. We were delighted to be inform him, we had several options for his customer to choose from.

The first option is a manual operated (chain operated) retractable screen with no floor tracts.  This product is easy to operate and with a small amount of effort, access in and out is very simple and straightforward. The great aspect this retractable screen is that there are no floor tracts, which means that there is no impediment in allowing wheelchair access in or out.

The second option is a motorized retractable screen or power screen. Motorization allows the automatic opening and closing of our screens with ease and minimal effort. Now, here is the exciting part! How does Bravo motorized screens activate? Bravo Screens has 3 uniquely different features that operate their motorized screens.

First, the motorized screens can be activated by motion sensors. There are discreet sensors that when activated, can effortless operand close your retractable screen.

Secondly, activation can be triggered with the use of your own TV remote control. So with one push of a button, your screens can be set in motion! (pun intended)

Lastly, Bravo motorized retractable screens can be operated by a wall switch. So again with the flip of a switch, your screen opens and closes with little to no effort.

Where can you find so many options? Bravo is your answer for all that and more. So, now the question is which option did the customer choose? We will keep you guessing !

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