With the hot summer days quickly approaching, what better way to keep your home or office cool than with a skylight shade. Most people remember to close their window blinds or shades to keep their rooms cooler, but they do not think about their skylights. Having a skylight shade will allow you to better control the room’s temperature and block out the damaging UV rays that leading to fading of your furniture, carpet and hardwood floors.

 A motorized skylight shade makes opening and closing a piece of cake. There is no more fiddling around with rods or poles and trying to adjust your shade. Now with a press of a button, you can make those quick changes. Bravo also has temperature sensor operation of your skylight shade. When the temperature rises above your pre-determined level, your screen will close, even when you are not home! The pre-determined levels are chosen by you, so you can ensure that your room has the ideal climate to keep your comfortable and cool.

Skylight shades are not only valuable in the summer, but vital in the winter. As you heat your house in the winter, that heat is rising and escaping through that skylight. So you are paying higher energy costs that are escaping from your home. A skylight shade is made from cellular shade or honeycomb shade material, so it acts as a barrier to keep unwanted heat out, but also to keep valuable heat in! It is estimated that home or business owners can lose 2-5% of their heat through skylights in the winter. So rather than paying higher prices in energy bills for years to come, invest in a skylight shade.