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Opening Up With Retractable Garage Screen Doors


Screen your Garage with a   Bravo Retractable Screen Door

Screen your Garage with a Bravo Retractable Screen Door

Garages are a popular space during the fall and winter as many people are moving indoors and looking for more space. Garages are popular because they general are a big open space that can be used for many different things from an extra living space to a gym or workshop. Truly garages have become more than for just storage and parking cars.

Garages are great because they allow you to open up your space to the outdoors, but still have an indoor feel. One of the biggest drawbacks to having your garage door open is that insects and bugs are looking for a warm home and flying debris seems to alway find a way into the nooks and crannies of your garage. A great way to combat the drawback or negatives of having your doors, windows or garages open to the outside is with a retractable screen.

Retractable screens are custom manufactured to your opening, window, door, garage or almost any other open space. The custom manufacturing means a perfect fit overtime. Also, these screens will provide you 100% complete insect protection, while still allowing natural air ventilation in. The great thing is when they are not in use, they will slide back into their housing or casing for protection. That means the screen is out of sight and less likely to get damaged when not in use. Retractable screens come in a ready to install or DIY kit. The kit saves you so money but does require a few adjustments before you are ready to install. But in no time, your  retractable garage screen door kit is ready to install.
Retractable garage screen doors are ideal in transforming your garage to a useable work or living space. So whether you are relaxing, working on a project or working out, your garage will still be able to be opened up to the outdoors when you want to provide you with a safe space without bother from all the nuisances that try to sneak in.

Retractable garage screens are available with manual or motorized operation. A motorized garage door screen allows for easy opening and closing, just like an automatic garage door opener. No fuss and no muss, just nice fresh air circulation.

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Retractable Garage Screens – Beating Summer Heat With Retracting Screens


During these long, hot summer months bearing with the heat can become difficult. Everyone wants to open their doors and windows to increase cool air breezes, but do not want bug, flies and mosquitoes getting in! This can be a real dilemma. Well, the best solution is a retracting screen for windows and doors because it allows for the ideal amount of air circulation while keeping those nasty insects out!

Taking this thought one step farther, is having a retractable garage screen door. Having one installed allows you to have you garage door open for greater air circulation without insects and flying debris and unwanted critters getting!

With the addition of a garage door screen, your garage is now transformed into a cooler temperature workspace, recreational area or even a gym area for those highly motivated individuals! With a retractable screen, your garage now becomes a versatile living space not just a storage space for the car and other little used items.

These retracting screen door has a flexible fiberglass mesh fabric that acts as a barrier to the entrance of unwanted nuisances. They can be purchased ready to install or in a DIY kit for those handy people that like a summer project! Retractable screens provide you with the ultimate in sun protection, privacy and fresh air ventilation during these tough summer months.

A neat feature option available for these screens is motorization. With the press of a single button, your screen will automatically extend out to enclose and protect your space or retract back into its protective housing, thus opening up your garage.

Retractable garage screens allow you to truly enjoy the best the summer months offer, while keeping the worst it brings outside! Try a retractable garage door screen, it will change you life.

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Garage Door Screen – A Retractable Solution

There is no denying your garage can become unbearably hot during the summer months. Opening up the garage door allows fresh air to circulate but brings many unwanted insects, bugs and debris into your space.This annoying dilemma is easily solved with retractable garage door screens . This simple and affordable option provides you with the ultimate protection from all those pesky insects – bees, flies and mosquitoes. With a garage door screens, you can enjoy all the satisfaction and relaxation that you want throughout the whole year.

In order for every homeowner to be able to find the best system for their garage, there are several tips that you must consider.

Firstly, have the exact measurements of your garage or space before ordering. It is also important not to round up or down on measurement, unless the manufacturer suggests. Thus, it is crucial that you have the precise measurements as your door is custom made.

Secondly, you have to decide whether you want a garage screen door readily to install or whether you want a DIY kit. The kit contains all the essential equipment that one needs for the installation. This is a more affordable option. DYI garage screen door kits are simple to install and only require small adjustments to size your screen. Easy to follow instructions are included. Since there are a lot of competing companies, pricing is important to consider because it can differ one site to another.

Finally, a good garage door screen should be able to provide you with full protection from the sun’s UV rays, as well as protect you from the distracting pests and insects. You can choose all kinds of designs, styles, color and operation options that you want for your garage. Retracting garage door screens are a continued favorite because of they are the easiest to operate and conveniently retract out of sight when not in use.

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