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Why You Should Be Thinking About A Retractable Screen Now

Retractable Screens, Motorized Retractable Screens

Thinking about a retractable screen door? You are probably laughing reading this question, but you shouldn’t be. This is the best time to purchase your retractable screen as it is the off season. Why pay high prices in season, when you can find better savings during the off season.

I know it is hard to think about opening your doors and using Bravo screens when the temperatures are freezing and snow covers many of the grounds around the country.  Yet, having the foresight to know the best times to pick up bargains can save you money and get you the products that you want is a win/win!

Bravo screens are ideal for almost any door or window in your home or business because they allow you to open them up to the outside and allow fresh air to circulate through, without any bugs and insects getting in. They are easy to open and close and Bravo screens will not slam or make loud slamming noises when they retract back into their casing. Also, the casing come in a complement of colors and allow them to appear as part of the door or window frame.

Give us a call at 1-800 – 446 – 1626 and see what savings we can offer you, it may not make your winter warmer, but it will make you smile.

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Retractable Screens in DIY Kits

Ultraglide Retractable Screen

Retractable Screens in DIY Kit

Are you looking for an affordable retractable screen option for your windows and doors? You consider think about a retractable screen kit. A DIY kit has all the benefits of a ready to made retracting screen, but requires additional adjustments. Even though they require extra assembly, they have additional savings.

Retractable screen DIY kits can be used for almost any window, horizontal or vertical as well as single doors, double doors and garage doors. They are popular for windows, patios, porches, garages, patio French doors, large folding glass door openings, sliding doors, single and double doors.

If you are not familiar with retractable screen doors and windows, they are the ideal screen. They provide the optimal bug and insect protection for your home, office, living space or room. They prevent even the smallest critters from getting through, yet they allow a continuous flowing of fresh air circulation through so your room stays nice and cool.

The great benefit of a retracting screen versus a fixed one is that when not in use, the retractable one will draw back into its cassette so that it is completely out of view. The cassette allows the screen to be protected from damage and wear and tear when not in use. This helps to ensure your screen will last longer.

In addition, a retracting screen is custom fit to your window or door. This is done as a ready to made screen or when you are doing it yourself. The custom fit ensures there is no gaps or voids, but a perfect adaptation.

With a Bravo retractable screen, you have many options. You can choose from several mesh options from reinforced fiberglass mesh, UV / solar mesh that blocks the majority of UV rays and pet resistant mesh that is 7 times stronger than standard fiberglass mesh and will not rip or tear. Each mesh offers the same 100% protection against bugs and insects while not obstructing or occluding your view.

Another option is color – Bravo offers you many color options for your aluminum frame, so that your screen will blend in perfectly with the door or window frame.

The last option is how you operate your screen. You can choose from manual, with easy, no slamming in to the cassette operation to complete motorization or automation. With motorized screens, you can easily open or close partially or fully with the press of a button. They operate with your own TV remote control. Motorized screens are ideal for large screens on patios, garages and large opening with folding doors.

So if you are looking for a retractable screen, think about a DIY kit that can be easily assembled by even the not so handy or a ready to made screen that is quickly installed. In no time you will be enjoying all the benefits of the outdoors, with none of the drawbacks.

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Bravo Screens – The No Slam Retractable Screen Door

Bravo Screen manufactures to “no slam” retractable screen that will fit almost any size window, door, garage, patio, porch, lanai, folding glass door, skylight and large enclosures. Their are ideal for residential and commercial use. They are the quietest manual retractable screens on the market. They provide 100% insect protection to keep those nasty flies, bugs, mosquitoes and other insects out of your home or business. Bravo screens provide the ideal amount of air circulation through to keep you cool and breathing clean, fresh air.

Bravo screens have a patented hydraulic clutch system that allows our screens to slow down upon retracting (rolling back into their casing) without slamming shut. Their is a smooth, quiet movement that will not startle or scare anyone. This is an ideal feature especially if you have small children that nap during the day or skittish pets that jump at loud sounds.

See our video below to see the Bravo difference. Seeing is believing. So think Bravo Screens when buying a retractable screen.


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What is a Retractable Screen Door ?


Retractable Screens, Motorized Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens & Retractable Shades by Bravo Screens

This is a frequently asked question that we are going to answer today.
Retractable screen door is a flexible fiberglass screen surrounded by an aluminum frame. They are designed to “roll up” or retract into its protective case or  a wall pockets and disappear into its recesses.  Unlike fixed screens, retractable screens are able to discreetly disappear out of sight. As well,  they are custom fit to each door, window perfectly. Retractable screen doors are made to the customer’s specifications, where as fixed screens are standard and bought directly off the shelf. Retractable screens are also made for windows, skylights, patios and so many more applications.

At Bravo,  we manufacture our screen doors or “invisible screens”. When in use, Bravo retractable screens do not obstruct or impede your views. Actually, they make your views appear sharper, clearer and more brilliant when viewing through your screen.  Thus, Bravo screens enhance your views. In addition, the durable fiberglass screen mesh provides the ultimate insect and solar protection. Our screens protect against even the smallest of  insects and  bugs that try to enter into your space. Our retractable screens also have a double thick insect pile or barrier that prevents bugs from trying to crawl in between the screen and the ground,  giving you a double layer of protection.

In addition to the maximum insect protection, Bravo screen allow 100% air circulation through. They do not inhibit air flow, but rather, they allow free flowing of air to circulate through the mesh, giving you  fresh air ventilation. Our screens help to keep your patio, garage, home, or business cool with fresh air circulation minus the bugs!

A great safety feature of Bravo products is if small children or pets run into our screen, they are designed to expand on impact preventing damaged to the screen and personal injury. In addition, the door handles are adjustable making it easy and safe for everyone to open or close.

Another fantastic feature of  Bravo retractable or ‘disappearing’ screens is that they are manufactured with no wheels or rollers, resulting in no impediment of smoothly opening and closing. They glide effortlessly and allow you to enjoy your living space with fuss.

A Bravo  screen is also available as power screens or motorized screen. By pressing a button, your screen is automatically opens up your home to the outside. Power screens are ideal for large or wide areas because it allows for effortless opening and closing.

Bravo’s stainless steel spring with patented clutch allows it to operate smoothly for easy opening and closing. In addition, this clutch prevents our retractable screens from slamming upon retraction – so no more slamming, unlike many other company’s screens.

Bravo products are available in a variety of colors, so your screen will blend in with your door frames and windows. They appear to a part of the frame. There is minimal maintenance and their housings allows complete protection so they maintain their look. There are so many benefits and applications for retractable screens, there is no reason not to have one!

* Doors
* Patio
* Porches
* Lanais
* Sliding Doors
* French Doors
* Garage Doors
* Large Enclosures
* Folding Doors
* Pool Areas
* Gyms
* Windows
* Skylights
* Green houses
* Boats
* Houseboats
*  RVs
* and so many more uses

So that is what a retractable screen is! If you want more info or how to purchase a retractable screen – visit us at Bravo Screens for manual screens or Bravo motorized screens.

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Motorized Retractable Screen – A Perfect Solution

We were recently contacted by a local contractor who had a unique challenge. He has a business that provides services for handicapable customers. He had a customer who needed wheelchair accessible retractable screens for his patio and garage doors. We were delighted to be inform him, we had several options for his customer to choose from.

The first option is a manual operated (chain operated) retractable screen with no floor tracts.  This product is easy to operate and with a small amount of effort, access in and out is very simple and straightforward. The great aspect this retractable screen is that there are no floor tracts, which means that there is no impediment in allowing wheelchair access in or out.

The second option is a motorized retractable screen or power screen. Motorization allows the automatic opening and closing of our screens with ease and minimal effort. Now, here is the exciting part! How does Bravo motorized screens activate? Bravo Screens has 3 uniquely different features that operate their motorized screens.

First, the motorized screens can be activated by motion sensors. There are discreet sensors that when activated, can effortless operand close your retractable screen.

Secondly, activation can be triggered with the use of your own TV remote control. So with one push of a button, your screens can be set in motion! (pun intended)

Lastly, Bravo motorized retractable screens can be operated by a wall switch. So again with the flip of a switch, your screen opens and closes with little to no effort.

Where can you find so many options? Bravo is your answer for all that and more. So, now the question is which option did the customer choose? We will keep you guessing !

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