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Bravo Retractable Screens – No Slam



We are excited to show our new commercial with our “no slam” retractable screens for your doors and windows. These screens are ideal for any use. Unlike the competition, they will not slam shut, so no more noisy opening and closing! They provide full insect and bug protection,while still allow complete air circulation. With the summer heat, keep your indoors cool with Bravo retractable screens.

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Opening Up Your Home

Open up your windows with Bravo

Open up your windows with Bravo

Spring is in the air for most of us in the country. With spring comes spring cleaning and getting ready for warmer weather. As we make that turn into spring, think about putting some retractable screens on your windows and doors. One of the major advantages of a retractable screen is that it allows you to open up your windows, doors, garages, patios and porches to allow fresh air in, but keep bugs and any debris out! Opening up your windows and doors allows you to bring fresh air circulation through your home or business.

Retractable screen is ideal from screening windows, doors and other openings because when they are not in use the screen will retract back into its cassette, making it disappear from sight! When the screen is retracted back into the cassette, it protects its from damage and from environmental wear and tear.

When you screen is in use, the aluminum frame and screen mesh are barely visible. The screens are custom made to fit your window or door, so it will fit seamlessly on the frame. Thus, it is barely visible to the eye. Plus, you can choose from a selection of colors for your frame, so it will match the window or door frame.

You also have several options of screen mesh. There is the reinforced screen mesh, UV solar coated mesh, that provides UV protection, and pet resistant mesh, which is 7x stronger than standard meshes and will not rip or tear. Each mesh will provide 100% insect and bug protection, but each of them have unique features unto themselves.

There are so many great options and advantages with retractable screens. So with spring in the air, think about opening up your home or business with a retractable screen.

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Why You Should Be Thinking About A Retractable Screen Now

Retractable Screens, Motorized Retractable Screens

Thinking about a retractable screen door? You are probably laughing reading this question, but you shouldn’t be. This is the best time to purchase your retractable screen as it is the off season. Why pay high prices in season, when you can find better savings during the off season.

I know it is hard to think about opening your doors and using Bravo screens when the temperatures are freezing and snow covers many of the grounds around the country.  Yet, having the foresight to know the best times to pick up bargains can save you money and get you the products that you want is a win/win!

Bravo screens are ideal for almost any door or window in your home or business because they allow you to open them up to the outside and allow fresh air to circulate through, without any bugs and insects getting in. They are easy to open and close and Bravo screens will not slam or make loud slamming noises when they retract back into their casing. Also, the casing come in a complement of colors and allow them to appear as part of the door or window frame.

Give us a call at 1-800 – 446 – 1626 and see what savings we can offer you, it may not make your winter warmer, but it will make you smile.

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A Retractable Screen for your windows and doors is the answer!

Retractable Screens, Motorized Retractable Screens

A retractable screen is a great addition to any door or window because they allow easy operation while keeping your home or office free from nasty bugs and insects. They also allow the perfect air circulation to keep your living space cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. Retractable screens are used almost any type of window, including casement, tilt and turn windows and doors and custom wood windows. In addition, they are ideal for patios, garages, porches, lanais, sliding doors, patio French doors, single and double doors, folding glass doors and large enclosures.

Bravo retracting window and door screens are custom manufactured to your specifications. There is no buying off the shelf and not having it fit when you get it home. Instead, it is made to fit perfectly. There are also a lot of options available to customize your  screen even more. Bravo has a great selection of colors and even custom coloring, so your screen’s frame will seamlessly blend into the door or window jamb, making it appear part of the original structure.

Another option is the type of screen mesh fabric. You can choose from:

1. Reinforced fiberglass mesh fabric

This mesh is strong and durable and will hold up to everyday uses of your screen for years to come. This mesh is stronger than standard screen mesh and will provide 100% insect protection as well as 100% visibility through your screen. This mesh will not obstruct or impede your views while in use.

2. Solar coated fiberglass mesh

This mesh provides all the great features of the reinforced fiberglass mesh, but in addition, it will give you optimal protection against harmful UV rays, glare and heat. This mesh is ideal for windows and doors which receive lots of sun. Also, the solar coating will help to protect your screen from becoming brittle and fragile over years of having the sun beating down on it.

3. Pet Screen mesh

For those of us that have cats and dogs that like to jump up or scratch at the screens, pet screen mesh is your choice. This pet screenmesh is 7 times stronger that the reinforced fiberglass mesh, so this mesh will NOT rip, tear or get damaged from the claws and paws of our pets.

Lastly, one of our favorite options is with operating your screen. There is manual or motorization. Manual screens are manufactured with a patented clutch system that allows you to open and close your screen without slamming back into their protective casing. Motorized screens or power screens are ideal for large and wide opening on garages, patios, folding glass doors or for handicap access areas. With the  touch of a button on your remote control, you can easily and conveniently open and close your screen without and fuss or muss. Motorized operation is also available with motion detection sensors, which provide easy access for  wheelchairs, scooters and even small pet to come and go.

With Bravo, we can fully customize your screen to be all that you need. So if you are looking for a retractable screen, see us at Bravo Screens.

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A New Twist on Pet Screens : Non-Tearable Retractable Screen

For those of you with pets know that our window and door screens can take a beating. No matter how cute our animals are, some of them have a naughty side. How many of you have had screens have torn or been destroyed at the hands or should I say claws of our pets? The reason that pet screens do not hold up is that they are made of thin screening material, that is not durable enough to stand against such forces. Over time, persistent pet can break through these cheap and flimsy screening mesh windows and doors. Fret not, for there is a better and most efficient alternative – a fiberglass reinforced pet proof screen. Yes, you did read correctly, PET PROOF. No more ripped or torn screens to replace.

The pet screening mesh is made of the most durable fiberglass mesh available. It is 7x stronger than the standard mesh screening.  So strong in fact that smaller animals can even hang from it!  This screen will stand up to even the most tenacious of our pets without tearing or ripping. Another great feature about this pet screen is that they are not just fixed screens, but they are available as retractable screens that allow for an easy and smooth opening and closing. They have no wheels or rollers  that will cause your screen to jump off or become dislodged. Also, these retractable screens have a clutch system that prevents your screen from slamming back when retracting. For anyone that has had one that slams, there is nothing more bothersome or annoying than a screen door that slams back and startles anyone around.

For all of us that love our pets, but do not love the damage that they can cause, a retractable pet screen is the answer. No more will you have to replace ripped or torn screens. Instead, you will save valuable money and time. Now who doesn’t like that!

P.S. – Do not let that cute face fool you! He has mischief in his eyes!

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