Manufacturers of Manual and Motorized Retractable Screens for Windows, Doors and Skylights


For those of you with pets know that our window and door screens can take a beating. No matter how cute our animals are, some of them have a naughty side.

How many of you have had screens have torn or been destroyed at the hands or should I say claws of our pets? The reason that pet screens do not hold up is that they are made of thin screening material, that is not durable enough to stand against such forces. Over time, persistent pet can break through these cheap and flimsy screening mesh windows and doors. Fret not, for there is a better and most efficient alternative – a fibreglass reinforced pet proof screen. Yes, you did read correctly, PET PROOF. No more ripped or torn screens to replace.

The pet screening mesh is made of the most durable fiberglass mesh available. It is 7x stronger than the standard mesh screening. So strong in fact that smaller animals can even hang from it! This screen will stand up to even the most tenacious of our pets without tearing or ripping. Another great feature about this pet screen is that they are not just fixed screens, but they are available as retractable screens that allow for an easy and smooth opening and closing. They have no wheels or rollers that will cause your screen to jump off or become dislodged. Also, these retractable screens have a clutch system that prevents your screen from slamming back when retracting. For anyone that has had one that slams, there is nothing more bothersome or annoying than a screen door that slams back and startles anyone around.

For all of us that love our pets, but do not love the damage that they can cause, a retractable pet screen is the answer. No more will you have to replace ripped or torn screens. Instead, you will save valuable money and time. Now who doesn’t like that!

P.S. – Do not let that cute face fool you! He has mischief in his eyes!