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If you’re a pet owner, you know all too well the challenges of maintaining intact window and door screens. As adorable as our furry friends can be, some of them have a mischievous side that can wreak havoc on our screens.

How many of us have experienced torn or destroyed screens at the hands, or rather claws, of our pets? The problem lies in the fact that traditional pet screens are made of thin and flimsy materials that are simply not strong enough to withstand the forces exerted by our beloved companions. Over time, persistent pets can easily break through these cheap and fragile mesh screens on windows and doors, leaving us with the hassle of constant replacements.


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But fear not, for there is a far superior and highly efficient alternative available: fiberglass reinforced pet-proof screens. Yes, you read it right – PET-PROOF screens. With these innovative screens, you no longer have to worry about ripped or torn screens that require frequent replacements. The fiberglass reinforcement adds a layer of durability and strength that can withstand the sharp claws and playful antics of even the most mischievous pets.

Say goodbye to flimsy screens and constant repairs. We have pet screens. Invest in the long-lasting protection of our fiberglass reinforced pet-proof screens and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your screens can withstand the naughtiest of pets. Provide a safe and secure environment for your furry friends while maintaining the beauty and functionality of your windows and doors.

 The pet door closes automatically, is great for homes and cottages, and is the perfect solution for DIYers to install an entry & exit for pets.


The pet screening mesh is made of the most durable fiberglass mesh available. It is 7x stronger than the standard mesh screening. So strong in fact that smaller animals can even hang from it! This screen will stand up to even the most tenacious of our pets without tearing or ripping. Another great feature about this pet screen is that they are not just fixed screens, but they are available as retractable screens that allow for an easy and smooth opening and closing.

They have no wheels or rollers that will cause your screen to jump off or become dislodged. Also, these retractable screens have a clutch system that prevents your screen from slamming back when retracting. For anyone that has had one that slams, there is nothing more bothersome or annoying than a screen door that slams back and startles anyone around.

For all of us that love our pets, but do not love the damage that they can cause, a retractable pet screen is the answer. No more will you have to replace ripped or torn screens. Instead, you will save valuable money and time. Now who doesn’t like that!

P.S. – Do not let that cute face fool you! He has mischief in his eyes!

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Safety, Safety, Safety

One of the key advantages of pet screens is their ability to prevent critters from gaining access to your windows. The sturdy construction of these screens makes them highly resistant to tearing, ensuring that pests and unwanted creatures stay outside where they belong. This added layer of protection enhances the overall safety of your home and provides you with peace of mind.

Additionally, pet screens offer an extra level of safety for households with young children. These screens are designed to withstand the playful and sometimes rough behavior of toddlers. Even with their adorable toys, little ones won’t be able to break through the durable pet screens, reducing the risk of accidents and falls.

Moreover, it’s essential to consider the deterrent effect that pet screens have on potential burglars. With their reinforced materials, pet screens create a formidable barrier that makes it much more difficult for intruders to cut through. By investing in robust screens, you enhance the security of your windows and decrease the chances of a break-in.

While the safety benefits of pet screens may not be immediately apparent, they play a significant role in protecting your home and loved ones. From keeping critters out to safeguarding toddlers and deterring burglars, pet screens provide valuable security advantages that contribute to a safer living environment.