Manufacturers of Manual and Motorized Retractable Screens for Windows, Doors and Skylights

With many options available, choosing a Bravo  retractable patio screen door  can be difficult. So here are some helpful tips to help you to select the best screen to meet your needs.

Patios are one of the most popular areas of many houses or businesses. Who on a beautiful sunny day doesn’t want to sit on the patio of your home or a business to eat, relax and socialize with friends and family? This is why these areas are popular. However, the bugs and insects that accumulate around these areas are annoying and a pesky problem. A retractable patio screen door is a great solution to this problem.

The benefits of retractable patio screen doors are that they provide ideal insect protection, by allowing event the smallest of these creepy critters out. At the same time, they allow perfect air circulation through their screen mesh. This  allows you to have great fresh air ventilation throughout your space. In addition, retracting screens have excellent visibility that allow you to still enjoy your beautiful views! Finally, although these screens cover your window, doorway or patio area, they never detract or impede your views.



Choosing the operating method of your screen is important. The choices are manual or motorized operation. Manual screens have an adjustable handles and have easy opening and closing. Remember that not all screens are created equal, many will slam back into their housing when retracted back.

Bravo Screens is a company that has a patented hydraulic clutch system that will reduce the speed of your screen as it retracts back, thus there is no slamming when closing. Instead, there is just a quiet, smooth retraction that will not startle pets or children or annoy you!

Motors are built with state of the art compact motors that are hidden away within their cases that allow your screen to open and close either through remote control or motor sensors. When using a remote control, your screen will open or close with a press a single button.

Of all the motorized screens available, a Bravo Retractable Patio Screen Door 
manufactures the smallest and most compact systems on the market. Choosing Motion sensor operation is a great option if you need to have wheelchair or scooters access. Also motion sensors are a great option for those of you that have pets that need access in and out of the house quite often.

Motorization is great because it gives you hands free opening and closing, so if you are entertaining or eating outside, these screens allow you to carry plates, food, beverages and even carry child inside or out without having to open or close the screen.

Motorized options are the most beneficial when you have large or wide openings for your screens, such as large patio / pool areas.

Retractable screens have different mesh options available. There are:

A. Standard Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

This mesh is made from strong fiberglass mesh that provide the ideal insect protection to keep bugs and insects from entering into your space.

B. Solar Fiberglass Mesh Fabric
This mesh provides the same 100% insect protection, but also provides you with protection from UV rays, heat transfer and reduces the sun’s glare.

Solar meshing helps to reduce up to 65% of sun’s damaging UV rays, as well as preventing fading or discoloring of furnishings or flooring. The solar mesh also cuts down on the heat transfer which means that your patio area is kept cooler and more comfortable.

In addition, the solar mesh cuts down on the glare, which means that watching TVs and looking at computer screens is trouble free, as well as having conversations without having the bright glaring sun beaming through.

C. Pet Mesh Fabric

This mesh fabric is seven times stronger than the standard fiberglass mesh, so it provides the ultimate in protection, durability and resistance against ripping, tearing or damage that pets and small children can inflict.

Retractable Screens that Never Slammed

3. Wind Resistance

One factor that a lot of people do not consider is wind resistance. Not all screens are made the same and stronger wind loads can cause blow out and cause damage to your screen. So when considering a screen consider the wind loads in your area. Wind loads are divided into light (<5 mph ), medium (<12mph ) and high or strong (>47mph ).

Bravo Screens manufacturers screens for every wind load. Screens for the strong wind loads (>80mph) have zippered reinforced stronger side channels. This will lock your screen into place and prevent it from blowing out even at gale force winds.

4. Mounting Options

How to mount your screen in the door frame or large opening can be an issue. For example, if you wanted to place a screen on your French doors and the opened inward toward the house, then you would want a screen that had a surface mount. This would allow your screen to be placed on the surface of the frame in order that it would not interfere with your French doors.

You have your choice of mounting options:
A. Inside Mount

Your screen will mount inside the door frame and become flush or level with wall. Inside mount gives you a clean look and the screens appear to disappear into the door frame making it look like it is part of the frame itself. This is available for manual or motorized options.

B. Surface Mount

Your screen will be mounted on the surface of the door frame. This gives you a discreet look at well and is a great option for doors that have large extruding handles that may interfere with the opening and closing of your screens. This is available for manual or motorized options.

C. Built in Recessed Mount (Motorized)

The third option is a recessed look, in which a cavity or space is created within your architecture for your motorized screen casing to be housed. So the housing for your screen is never seen by the visible eye. Screens are recessed from view by integrating mounting tracks into the architecture or building of your home or business. The tracks can be embedded into wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, concrete and even decorative columns.


5. Colours

When selecting your screen, you have different color options for your screen. The frame and housing are powder coated painted and there a number of standard colors to choose from so that you can match or blend the color of your screen with the color of your door frames or accents. If there is not a perfect color, custom coloring is often available at an additional cost to give you the perfect shade for your home or business.

So as you can see there are many things to consider then selecting the right screen for your home or business. Considering these points will help you to narrow done which screen is the best for you. Retractable screens are custom fit according to your specifications, but by choosing your options to meet all your needs, your screen becomes one of a kind.

Retracting screens are ideal for a host of applications including: windows, single or double doors, patios, porches, sliding doors, French doors, garages, skylights, lanais, verandas, large enclosures such as pool areas and so much more. They provide great function and esthetics to any home or business and will give you much protection and safety for many years to come. They are ideal because they are available when you need them, but retract quietly and discreetly out of the way when you do not. What more could you ask for?