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Motorized Screens

This door screen is a flexible screen that retracts and rolls up into a protective housing attached to the edge of the door jamb. Also a retractable window screen works in the same way but the door usually retracts vertically instead of horizontally.

We just purchased a new very cool motorized screens for our doors and windows from Bravo Screens and Bravo Blinds . We can use our TV Remote, Wall Switch or a Motion Sensor to activate it. After installing and enjoying it for a month, we are wondering how we lived without it for so long. It truly has made our life easier.

Here is a few interesting points about our motorized screen:

* The TV remote can operate up 2000 shades & screens.We only have use the up or down button and our screen is moving!

* Our screen system is compatible with other home automation systems.

* The coolest of all is the motion activated screen system for any door or openings because when you walk up to the door screens it goes up after you pass through it comes down. This is great for our pets and for wheelchair access.

The people at Bravo Screens know how to come up with the coolest products for your home. Their system 36 is the smallest motorized screen system in the world. It is so compact that it is barely noticeable! Also, their motorized retractable screens have a new solar -coated fabric that gives you 99% view out, but cannot see in! It is a great feature that not only gives you and your family privacy, but stops UV rays. It will keep your home cooler in the summer months and reduce your energy bills as air conditioning will not be needed as much.

We purchased a retractable screen for door with the new view fabric. I have to tell you what difference it makes. Another great feature is that the fabric comes in quite a few colors.

Here is a picture of our motorized screen. (P.S. It even fits our special tilt & glide door!)