Pet Screen – A Great Way To Protect Your Windows and Doors

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Our pet screens have great visibility through it, which means that we can still enjoy the view and keep an eye on what our pets are up to! 

Our pet provide us with such joy and companionship. Yet, they can cause a lot of damage to our homes and possessions. One of the biggest nuisances that I have encountered is my dog causing damage to our patio door. He would claw at the door screen and tear it up. Then, we found the perfect solution – Bravo pet screens.

Unlike a standard retractable screen doors, the Bravo pet proof screens are 7 times stronger and more durable than standard insect screen mesh. The Bravo retractable pet screen is made from strong vinyl-coated polyester mesh that resists virtually any damage that dogs or cats could inflict on it. Believe me, our dog certain has tried!

Our Bravo pet screen has great visibility through it, which means that we can still enjoy our views and keep an eye on what our pup is up to! Also, our screen provides the ultimate in insect and solar protection for our home and our family. There was a good selection of colors to choose from, so the screen’s frame and casing perfectly blended with its surroundings.

Our retractable pet screen has been the perfect addition to our home. The screen retracts out of sight when not in use into its casing; therefore, it well protected during fall and winter months.

The installation was simple with easy to follow instructions. Our retractable screen is lightweight and easy to pull forward and does not slam back upon retract, so it is nice and quiet. Bravo provided me with a perfect solution that has saved me time, money and frustration. Thanks Bravo!