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Retractable Motorized Shades & Screens

When selecting a retractable screen or shade for your window, door or large opening, you must choose from the manual or automated features.So what is a motorized shade or screen and how do I choose if I want one or not?

Well let’s start with what are automated or motorized shades and screens? These screens and shades are powered with a 120 V electric motor that is operated by a remote control. You can have a single or multiple system operation, meaning that your remote control operates one or a multiple of products. The screens and shades operate in a vertical glide motion and have their mesh or fabric fixed properly in order to prevent blowing out.

Now that we understand motorization, we need to decide if that is an option we should choose. Well, there are a few things to consider you making the choice. One is the size of the screen. For relatively small screens a manual option is probably a better choice. However, for those large openings such as garages, patios, porches, lanais, large doors or if you have a folding wall system then a motorized screen or shade is a great choice. Having to open or close a
retractable screen or shade over a large area is quite strenuous and bothersome.

The second thing to consider is access. If you have screens and shades that are easily accessible and easy to operate then again a manual option is a good choice. However, if you have window that is inconvenient or out of reach areas, then a motorized screen or shade is a great option. In addition, the motorized option is ideal choice for retractable skylight shades or screens, since their access is difficult and often cumbersome.

One of the most popular reasons for choosing motorization is convenience. This feature provides an effortless way to manage your screens and shades. It is an ideal feature for anyone that has a physically handicap or is unable to manage their screens and shades, but still desires to use them efficiently and effectively. Truly, there is nothing easier than being able to lower or raise your screens or shades with the press of a single button.

If you are thinking about a retractable motorized shades or screens, you should look at Bravo Screens. They manufacture the most sophisticated and compact systems available on the market today. The casing or covering that protect Bravo’s motorized units begin at 1.5” as compared to closest competition at 4”. What would you prefer a 4″ box or a small, discreet 1.5 ” box? Therefore, one can see that Bravo produces the most concealed or hidden motorized units available on the market today!

So, when thinking about whether or not to choose motorization or not, these are some key and salient points to consider. Happy retractable screen shopping!