Manufacturers of Manual and Motorized Retractable Screens for Windows, Doors and Skylights


Retractable Screens

This door screen is a flexible screen that retracts and rolls up into a protective housing attached to the edge of the door jamb. Also a retractable window screen works in the same way but the door usually retracts vertically instead of horizontally.

This site is dedicated to Retractable Screens manual & motorized that can be used for any applications such as Front Door, French Doors, Garage Door, Patio,Balcony and Gazebo  and  will be testing all different retractable screens.

These screens have been around for about 30years or more but the modern one are much better and can be used for most openings. They are out of the way when not in use and you are not always looking through the screen.

We hope this website will help you in make the right choice for the Retractable Screen that is trouble free service.

Most of the retractable companies are reputable they all have their differences in design most of the retractable screens SLAM  when you open them so have to be care full.

We have been doing research of the top companies and their products & will be posting our testing and installation results.

Here is list of some of the top companies in the world and how they sell their products.

1-Bravo Screens–  Canadian & US manufacture – online USA , Canada online &  installed  by 750 installers & other countries  Plus DIY for any applications.

2-Genius Screens – OEM manufactures no sales to consumers.

3-Seiki Screens – Japaneses manufacture sold through retailers

4- Alco Ventures- Canadian manufacture sold through dealers

5-Phantom Screens – Canadian Manufacture sold through dealers.

This information is not just for home owners but will help retailer and businesses that are interested in carrying retractable screens.