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Retractable Skylight Shades

Standard skylights are a great addition to any room in order to capture more natural light and to illuminate a room’s features.

Standard skylights are a great addition to any room in order to capture more natural light and to illuminate a room’s features.

However, I have noticed that they are not without their drawbacks. Two problems that are frequently encountered are: lack of

control of the amount of light that enters or exits your living space and consequently the amount of heat lost or gained

through them. I have found the perfect solution to combat both these problems. It is the installation of a skylight Shades!

During those long, hot summer days, the temperatures outside and hence inside rise rapidly. Sometime during the day and into

the evening, we find that the temperatures inside can become just as unbearable outside. We end up turning on the air

conditioner, if we are blessed to have one, only to incur higher energy costs to cool our homes. The other result is to leave

windows open and hope that a nice gentle breeze will filter in without inviting pesky insects along. A skylight Shades provides

an ideal solution. It helps to control that unwanted rise in temperature and thus helping to maintain a cooler climate in your


Conversely, during those long, cold wintery nights, the area around a skylight can drop approximately 5 to 10 degrees below

ambient temperatures. A skylight Shades works as a perfect insulator to minimize the valuable heat loss from your room due to

your skylight.

Another problem encountered is the amount of excess light that your skylight allows in. During the night, your skylight allows

extraneous light into your room, thus preventing you from trying to sleep. This is especially the case when trying to put a

small child or baby down for a nap during the day. Skylight Black out Shade literally allow you to turn day into night.

In addition to the light that enters, your home or office through your skylight is the unwanted UV rays. These damaging rays

have a profound effect on your floors, carpet and home furnishings causing them to dull or fade well before their time. The use

of a skylight Shade is a great protector against the sun’s harmful rays and their damaging effects.

The added bonus is that skylight screens come with a variety of options to make their use simple and trouble free.

Retractable skylight Shades:

These Shades are ideal for convenience, style and functionality. Their profiles subtly integrate with their surroundings and

blend effortlessly with exterior and interior surroundings of your home or office. Most retractable skylight Shades can be

matched to almost any color scheme.

Motorized Skylight Shades

This is one of the best features because it allows you greatest amount of ease when retracting your Shades. Literally with the

touch of a button on your own TV remote you can adjust your motorized skylight Shade the perfect amount.

Temperature Sensor:

This feature is ingenious because in the controls it has a built in digital temperature sensor. Thus, when the temperature

drops below or above your ambient control, the Shade will automatically open or close to allow more or less heat in. This

design of temperature sensor motorization is the latest in new technology in the retractable Shade market