Manufacturers of Manual and Motorized Retractable Screens for Windows, Doors and Skylights

Retractable Screen Doors

This door screen is a flexible screen that retracts and rolls up into a protective housing attached to the edge of the door jamb. Also a retractable window screen works in the same way but the door usually retracts vertically instead of horizontally.


Retractable door screens are among the best screening solution needed to protect houses and families from unsanitary flying and crawling insect’s and pests that often bite’s and sting’s. Many of these pests also.

Single door retractable screens for Boats

This kind of door refers to doors used for rooms, offices and bathrooms etc.

They are made of only one glass screen door which are retractable.

retractable screen doors
retractable screen doors

Double door retractable screens

This doors are of two glass screen retractable doors which is either slided or pushed in to open for entrance or going out.

Sliding door retractable screens

These doors are completely made to slide before it opens up, and they are mostly found in commercial organizations like banks, hotel’s, offices, studio’s and some other organizations.

retractable screen doors
retractable screen doors

Multi panel sliding door retractable screens

This is the same with the sliding door retractable screens but the only difference is that the multi panel sliding door retractable screens consist of more than one sliding door, and that is why it bears the name Multi.

French door retractable screens

French doors mostly comes with a window like design structures which make some people identify it as a window door.

A retractable French door screen lap’s together on a side when opened and the retractable screen glasses retracts and aid’s to the control of pest and insect’s entrance.

retractable screen doors

Pet door retractable screens

Retractable pet door screens are mostly small sized pet door screen marked out at the bottom-left of the main door or entrance.

These doors mostly made of a transparent screen glass which makes them visible for the pet’s to view their entrance or the location that they want to enter. Also this glass retracts immediately the pet’s enters the house by closing up without giving space for any un-invited guest like pest’s and insect’s to enter the building.

Retractable shower door screens

A retractable shower glass screen door is a door specifically made to be an entrance or exit to a shower room or bathroom, and these doors mostly have an inbuilt spring that creates and easy medium for retraction.

The retractable shower glass screen door is mostly been tighten to be stiffed to the door frame, avoiding water or bathing sound’s when showering from disturbing other’s in the house.

If the main house entrance and exit doors are retractable then there won’t be any chance for insect’s to get close to the shower door.

Retractable Fireplace door screens

This door screens are specifically made for the internal home heat fire furnace, the help for the propagation of heat transfer during the winter periods and that is why they are mostly motorized and automatically controlled.

Most of these screen are not thermal insulated due to the necessity of heat transfer into the house or building.

Garage door retractable screens

These doors are made specifically for garages or large store houses. Although most garage doors are motorized and controlled automatically, some are also manually controlled by an engineer or controller to rotate a wheel that gradually closes up the garage door immediately a car enters.The retractable garage doors is mostly made to be motorized and synchronized with a facial or recognition camera that easily detects the person, car or stuff entering the garage before the garage is automatically been opened for entrance.

retractable screen doors
all about retractable screens

The following are categories and benefits of retractable screens

Retractable screen or screens are flexible glass windows, doors or wall’s known for retraction and rolling up into a secured and protected housing hanging vertically on the outside edge of its door jamb when not being in use.

These screens could also be very invisible when not in use, making the house free from insects.

Other screen make it harder to keep away bugs and insect’s because you have to hold it open while going through but Retractable screens disappear when you are not using them so the bug’s and insect’s will never get into your house because you can see the outside, but with some screens they cannot see the interior part of the house.