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With spring upon us and summer approaching quickly, your patio area is going to become one of the most popular areas of your home. It is a perfect spot to entertain friends, have family barbecues or even as a solitary place to relax and unwind. This area has so many purposes, even now becoming a play area for our small children. However, one thing I do not like is that it become nasty havens for mosquitoes, insects and bugs to collect around. Truly,I find nothing worse than having to swat away flies and other pesky critters as I am enjoying a meal or seeing my children be bitten to pieces by those awful mosquitoes. Well, this has soon become a problem of the past, as I have found a perfect solution to all my patio / porch woes. The answer is a Retractable Patio Door Screen .

retractable screen doors

Truly, this has been a godsend. One of the best things about my Patio Screen is that allowed me and my family have fresh air ventilation freely flowing through, but without any of annoying insects that no longer can enter. There is nothing like fresh air breezes without any bugs! I also noticed that our new retractable screen provides the perfect amount of shade from the sun at its peak time, as well as cutting down on the glare. It makes reading or writing this blog so much easier without the sun obscuring my computer.

When researching screens, I found that retractable screens or Retractable Patio Screens have quickly become a popular choice. After having mine, I have to say that I agree. It moves so easily along its small discreet tracts and retract easily back into their housings when not in use, without slamming shut! This is especially great to cut down on the noise during my kid’s naptime!

There were several model and operating systems to choose from. So with a little guidance, I was able to select the right one. I found that the two most important factors in determining which model was right were: the size of the area and the wind conditions, as some screens can experience blow out under higher wind conditions.

retractable screen doors

I loved that there were several colour options to choose and I was able to select one that perfectly matched our house’s trim. The retractable screen appears almost see-thru when viewing through it. Actually, it almost gives a 3D effect. I was concerned that a screen although functional, would obscure our views, but this was not the case.

For our screen mesh, we choose the solar-coated insect mesh which guarantees to reduce up to 65% of the sun’s heat, glare and rays. This was a great benefit, plus it will reduce fading our patio furniture that also happens over time. Also, another benefit was that it keeps the patio cooler so it is easier when my kids are barefoot and playing on ground.

We decided to install our screen ourselves. I have to say the installation was a simple and easy and in no time, we are enjoying all the benefits of our patio area, without any of the old drawbacks. Now, the only thing I wish for is a few more sunny days to enjoy my new area, but don’t we all! Anyway, thanks Bravo screens for the great screen and helpful service!