Manufacturers of Manual and Motorized Retractable Screens for Windows, Doors and Skylights


With skylight screens and shade, there is no other way to keep your house or business cool from the summer sun!

With summer upon us and the thermometer rising, increased temperatures in the our homes can be a problem. One of the ways to combat the problem is with a skylight shades or skylight screen. These products are custom fabricated coverings that are used to block sun rays from entering your home through your skylight. Although, we love skylights because they allow extra natural lightening into our homes, the sun’s damaging UV rays can increase temperatures in your home up to an extra 15o, as well as cause fading of your valuable furniture, carpeting and hardwood floors. Some of the skylight shades depending on the choice of materials can offer complete UV blockage and protection. While other materials only filter and subdue the amount of light that is allowed into the room. Skylight shades are a more efficient and cost cutting way to reduce your energy bills!

Skylight screens are a great addition for any building structure with an open skylight. Flying debris, annoying bugs and insects can become a pesky problem. However with the use of a skylight screen that problem is instantly corrected! Now, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of your open screen without any of the drawbacks.

The frames for your Skylight shades and Skylight screens can be selected from a wide variety of colors or a custom color to match your home or business’ esthetic. In addition, one unique features available is motorized skylight shade or screen. Skylights are usually placed quite high up and retracting or expanding the shade or screen can be a bit troublesome. However, with a motorization, in only one click of a button on your TV remote control, you can open or close your shade or screen. No muss, no fuss!

With skylight screens and shade, there are also motorized skylight shades and screens