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The Ultra Glide provides all the essential benefits of a Ultra retractable screen is fully balanced for smooth operation .

One of our customers had purchased a while back a large retractable screen for their French Doors. His wife had being struggling with arthritis and was finding it difficult to close the screen due to her condition. He phoned us up and asked if there was anything we could do. We sent someone out and after assessing the situation, we recommended upgrading to our  Ultra Glide Retractable French Door Screen .

The Ultra Glide  provides all the essential benefits of a retractable screen . The standard benefits of these screen doors are that they provide complete insect protection while allowing free flowing fresh air circulation. The Ultra Glide retractable screen has extra benefits that make it perfect for this customer. It has a custom design that allows for the easiest opening and closing. The effortless pulling of the screen helped our customer to independently open her screen. This solution was the answer for her and her family, as well as the many other customers that have dexterity or strength problems with their hands.

The Ultra Glide screens is designed to be able to expand out to 100 feet , but requires heights of 12 feet or greater.  This screen is also fabricated without a bars in the screen so it will not impede or interfere with your views. There are also no rollers or wheels used, so there is no jumped off the tract. They are truly remarkable screen doors that is barely noticeable when in use and retracts back into its housing when not. It is durable and because it comes in an array of colour (and custom colours) it will blend seamlessly into the background.

For our customer, the Retractable French Door screens was the answer. If you or anyone else you know has the same problem, Ultra Glide screen doors may be your answer too.