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Spring is in the air for most of us in the country. With spring comes spring cleaning and getting ready for warmer weather. As we make that turn into spring, think about putting some retractable screens on your windows and doors. One of the major advantages of a retractable screen is that it allows you to open up your windows, doors, garages, patios and porches to allow fresh air in, but keep bugs and any debris out! Opening up your windows and doors allows you to bring fresh air circulation through your home or business.

Retractable screen is ideal from screening windows, doors and other openings because when they are not in use the screen will retract back into its cassette, making it disappear from sight! When the screen is retracted back into the cassette, it protects its from damage and from environmental wear and tear.

When you screen is in use, the aluminum frame and screen mesh are barely visible. The screens are custom made to fit your window or door, so it will fit seamlessly on the frame. Thus, it is barely visible to the eye. Plus, you can choose from a selection of colors for your frame, so it will match the window or door frame.

You also have several options of screen mesh. There is the reinforced screen mesh, UV solar coated mesh, that provides UV protection, and pet resistant mesh, which is 7x stronger than standard meshes and will not rip or tear. Each mesh will provide 100% insect and bug protection, but each of them have unique features unto themselves.

There are so many great options and advantages with retractable screens. So with spring in the air, think about opening up your home or business with a retractable screen.

Bravo Home Honored With Customer Service Award


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Hi Everyone!

We are so honored to announce that we have just received Best Houzz award of 2014. We, at Bravo are proud of the products and customer service we provide and now the community at Houzz agrees. Houzz is an online residential and commercial remodeling and design community of more than 15 million users. To be recognized by them is truly an honor.

You won Best of Houzz 2014!
Hi Bravo Home and congratulations,

We’re writing to let you know that you’ve been voted by the Houzz community as a winner of our Best of Houzz 2014 awards!

Your work won in the Customer Satisfaction category, which is based on reviews your received on Houzz in 2013, as well as other factors related to your profile.

Please visit our Houzz page or visit us at Bravo screens.

We at Bravo are so excited about 2014 and the wonderful retractable screening products that we provide for almost any residential or commercial use. We offer custom manufactured and DIY kits that will perfect fit your doors and windows. A Bravo retractable screen will not slam shut and give a quiet and effortless opening and closing because of patent clutch system. Our products and service is second to none and we would be thrilled for you to see for yourself.

If you are looking to open up your living spaces and allow more fresh air circulation without nasty bugs or insects coming in then Bravo Home is your retractable screen solution.

Why You Should Be Thinking About A Retractable Screen Now

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Motorized Screens with Remote

Thinking about a retractable screen door? You are probably laughing reading this question, but you shouldn’t be. This is the best time to purchase your retractable screen as it is the off season. Why pay high prices in season, when you can find better savings during the off season.

I know it is hard to think about opening your doors and using Bravo screens when the temperatures are freezing and snow covers many of the grounds around the country. Yet, having the foresight to know the best times to pick up bargains can save you money and get you the products that you want is a win/win!

Bravo screens are ideal for almost any door or window in your home or business because they allow you to open them up to the outside and allow fresh air to circulate through, without any bugs and insects getting in. They are easy to open and close and Bravo screens will not slam or make loud slamming noises when they retract back into their casing. Also, the casing come in a complement of colors and allow them to appear as part of the door or window frame.

Give us a call at 1-800 – 446 – 1626 and see what savings we can offer you, it may not make your winter warmer, but it will make you smile.

Opening Up With Retractable Garage Screen Doors


Garage Door Screen Manual or Motorized
Screen your Garage with a Bravo Retractable Screen Door

Garages are a popular space during the fall and winter as many people are moving indoors and looking for more space. Garages are popular because they general are a big open space that can be used for many different things from an extra living space to a gym or workshop. Truly garages have become more than for just storage and parking cars.

Garages are great because they allow you to open up your space to the outdoors, but still have an indoor feel. One of the biggest drawbacks to having your garage door open is that insects and bugs are looking for a warm home and flying debris seems to alway find a way into the nooks and crannies of your garage. A great way to combat the drawback or negatives of having your doors, windows or garages open to the outside is with a retractable screen.

Retractable screens are custom manufactured to your opening, window, door, garage or almost any other open space. The custom manufacturing means a perfect fit overtime. Also, these screens will provide you 100% complete insect protection, while still allowing natural air ventilation in. The great thing is when they are not in use, they will slide back into their housing or casing for protection. That means the screen is out of sight and less likely to get damaged when not in use. Retractable screens come in a ready to install or DIY kit. The kit saves you so money but does require a few adjustments before you are ready to install. But in no time, your retractable garage screen door kitt is ready to install.
Retractable garage screen doors are ideal in transforming your garage to a useable work or living space. So whether you are relaxing, working on a project or working out, your garage will still be able to be opened up to the outdoors when you want to provide you with a safe space without bother from all the nuisances that try to sneak in.

Retractable garage screens are available with manual or motorized operation. A motorized garage door screen allows for easy opening and closing, just like an automatic garage door opener. No fuss and no muss, just nice fresh air circulation.

Retractable Screens in DIY Kits

Single Door screen kit Retractable

Are you looking for an affordable retractable screen option for your windows and doors? You consider think about a retractable screen kit. A DIY kit Retractable Screens has all the benefits of a ready to made retracting screen, but requires additional adjustments. Even though they require extra assembly, they have additional savings.

Retractable screen DIY kits can be used for almost any window, horizontal door kits or vertical as well as single door Kit, double doors Kits and garage doors kits. They are popular for windows, patios, porches, garages, patio French doors, large folding glass door openings, sliding doors, single and double doors.

If you are not familiar with retractable screen doors and windows, they are the ideal screen. They provide the optimal bug and insect protection for your home, office, living space or room. They prevent even the smallest critters from getting through, yet they allow a continuous flowing of fresh air circulation through so your room stays nice and cool.

The great benefit of a retracting screen versus a fixed one is that when not in use, the retractable one will draw back into its cassette so that it is completely out of view. The cassette allows the screen to be protected from damage and wear and tear when not in use. This helps to ensure your screen will last longer.

In addition, a retracting screen is custom fit to your window or door. This is done as a ready to made screen or when you are doing it yourself. The custom fit ensures there is no gaps or voids, but a perfect adaptation.

With a Bravo retractable screen, you have many options. You can choose from several mesh options from reinforced fiberglass mesh, UV / solar mesh that blocks the majority of UV rays and pet resistant mesh that is 7 times stronger than standard fiberglass mesh and will not rip or tear. Each mesh offers the same 100% protection against bugs and insects while not obstructing or occluding your view.

Another option is color – Bravo offers you many color options for your aluminum frame, so that your screen will blend in perfectly with the door or window frame.

The last option is how you operate your screen. You can choose from manual, with easy, no slamming in to the cassette operation to complete motorization or automation. With motorized screens, you can easily open or close partially or fully with the press of a button. They operate with your own TV remote control. Motorized screens are ideal for large screens on patios, garages and large opening with folding doors.

So if you are looking for a retractable screen, think about a DIY kit that can be easily assembled by even the not so handy or a ready to made screen that is quickly installed. In no time you will be enjoying all the benefits of the outdoors, with none of the drawbacks.

A Retractable Screen for your windows and doors is the answer!

Single Door Retractable Screen
Window Retractable Screen









A retractable screen is a great addition to any door or window because they allow easy operation while keeping your home or office free from nasty bugs and insects. They also allow the perfect air circulation to keep your living space cool and comfortable during those hot summer months. Retractable screens are used almost any type of window, including casement, tilt and turn windows and doors and custom wood windows. In addition, they are ideal for patios, garages, porches, lanais, sliding doors, patio French doors, single and double doors, folding glass doors and large enclosures.

Bravo retracting window and door screens are custom manufactured to your specifications. There is no buying off the shelf and not having it fit when you get it home. Instead, it is made to fit perfectly. There are also a lot of options available to customize your screen even more. Bravo has a great selection of colors and even custom coloring, so your screen’s frame will seamlessly blend into the door or window jamb, making it appear part of the original structure.

Another option is the type of screen mesh fabric. You can choose from:

1. Reinforced fiberglass mesh fabric

This mesh is strong and durable and will hold up to everyday uses of your screen for years to come. This mesh is stronger than standard screen mesh and will provide 100% insect protection as well as 100% visibility through your screen. This mesh will not obstruct or impede your views while in use.

2. Solar coated fiberglass mesh

This mesh provides all the great features of the reinforced fiberglass mesh, but in addition, it will give you optimal protection against harmful UV rays, glare and heat. This mesh is ideal for windows and doors which receive lots of sun. Also, the solar coating will help to protect your screen from becoming brittle and fragile over years of having the sun beating down on it.

3. Pet Screen mesh

For those of us that have cats and dogs that like to jump up or scratch at the screens, pet screen mesh is your choice. This pet screen mesh is 7 times stronger that the reinforced fiberglass mesh, so this mesh will NOT rip, tear or get damaged from the claws and paws of our pets.

Lastly, one of our favorite options is with operating your screen. There is manual or motorization. Manual screens are manufactured with a patented clutch system that allows you to open and close your screen without slamming back into their protective casing. Motorized screens or power screens are ideal for large and wide opening on garages, patios, folding glass doors or for handicap access areas. With the touch of a button on your remote control, you can easily and conveniently open and close your screen without and fuss or muss. Motorized operation is also available with motion detection sensors, which provide easy access for wheelchairs, scooters and even small pet to come and go.

With Bravo, we can fully customize your screen to be all that you need. So if you are looking for a retractable screen, see us at Bravo Screens.

Why a Retractable Patio Screen is the Choice


Retractable Patio Screens

Well, it is that time again. Summer is upon us. For many of us, summer is our most favorite season because the weather is wonderful and we spent a lot of our time outside. Around our homes, our patio and porch areas are a popular spot were we entertain, hang out and relax with family and friends. Barbecuing and eating out on our patios is a staple of summer, but one of the annoying nuisances to deal with are pesky bugs and insects flying around our food. A Retractable patio screen and retractable porch screen are a perfect solution to address these problems and so many more.

With your own children or neighbors or friend’s children, you want to create a safe and protected patio or porch areas. Patio screen doors are so important to creating this environment, but a retractable patio screen is better. These screens give you easy access in and out of your home and patio areas and allow the outdoors in. Yet, they provide you with full insect protection as well as provide the ideal amount of solar protection. These retractable screens have solar-coated screen fabric mesh that block out UV rays, as well as the sun’s heat and glare.

By blocking out the sun’s UV rays, these retracting screens help protect you, your family and friends from the dangerous UV rays that cause sunburns and contribute to causing cancer. Also by blocking out the sun’s glare, you have an environment in which you can watch TV, work on your computer or just have a conversation with the annoying glare that comes with sitting outside.

When deciding on a patio screen door, a retracting one provides the perfect protection when in use. Yet when it is not, the screen conveniently and easily retracts back into its casing. These retractable screens are sometimes called disappearing screens because the disappear into their casing when not in use. The casing provides an additional protection for your screen that keeps it looking new and prevents damage when not in use.

Because retracting screens are custom made according to your measurements, you can choose many options that are unique to your screen. One of those options has to do with screen mesh material. Most screen mesh fabric provides great visibility through it. That is you are able to perfectly and easily “see thru” it. It will not and does not obstruct from your views thus, allowing you to see everything that is going on around you. There are other screen fabrics that provide you and your family more privacy. They have a complete “see out” ability, but limit the amount of “seeing in”. This is great option if you sunbathe or have pool areas or just want more privacy.

There are many more options to choose from when selecting your screen, from color choices to manual or motorized options. Motorized screens or power screens are a great idea for large or wide screens that cover a large area or enclosure. They allow for easy opening and closing without a lot of muscle!

So, if you are looking to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer in your patio or porch area, think about a retractable patio screen. It will provide you with unlimited quality time with your family and friends, or even just relaxing alone.

A Motorized Skylight Shade Help Reduce Your Energy Costs

With the hot summer days quickly approaching, what better way to keep your home or office cool than with a skylight shade. Most people remember to close their window blinds or shades to keep their rooms cooler, but they do not think about their skylights. Having a skylight shade will allow you to better control the room’s temperature and block out the damaging UV rays that leading to fading of your furniture, carpet and hardwood floors.

A motorized skylight shade makes opening and closing a piece of cake. There is no more fiddling around with rods or poles and trying to adjust your shade. Now with a press of a button, you can make those quick changes. Bravo also has temperature sensor operation of your skylight shade. When the temperature rises above your pre-determined level, your screen will close, even when you are not home! The pre-determined levels are chosen by you, so you can ensure that your room has the ideal climate to keep your comfortable and cool.

Skylight shades are not only valuable in the summer, but vital in the winter. As you heat your house in the winter, that heat is rising and escaping through that skylight. So you are paying higher energy costs that are escaping from your home. A skylight shade is made from cellular shade or honeycomb shade material, so it acts as a barrier to keep unwanted heat out, but also to keep valuable heat in! It is estimated that home or business owners can lose 2-5% of their heat through skylights in the winter. So rather than paying higher prices in energy bills for years to come, invest in a skylight shade.

Bravo Retractable Screen: Creating New Living Space

Porched In screen More living Space

Here is our new image on our about page. At Bravo, we want to helo you to create the most beautiful spaces in your home or business. Bravo Home products including retractable screens for your windows and doors. Manual and motorized screens are available to help you bring the outdoors in, but without all the annoying bugs and insects. We would love for you to visit us at Bravo screens and Bravo motorized screens and skylights to see inspiring pictures of how you can open up your spaces with retracting screens.

We manufacture garage door screens, French door screens, patio screens and so much more! Helping you to create wonderful spaces that allow you and your family or customers to enjoy and look forward to spending time in your spaces is what we want. Let us inspire you, since your spaces have inspired us.

How To Choose A Retractable Patio Screen Door

Patio Screens Manual or Motorized

With several options available, choosing a retractable screen for your patio or porch area can be difficult. So here are some helpful tips to help you to select the best screen to meet your needs.

Patios are one of the most popular areas of many houses or businesses. Who on a beautiful sunny day doesn’t want to sit on the patio of your home or a business to eat, relax and socialize with friends and family? This is why these areas are popular. However, the bugs and insects that accumulate around these areas is annoying and a pesky problem. A retractable patio screen door is a great solution to this problem.

The benefits of retractable patio screen doors are that they provide ideal insect protection, by allowing event the smallest of these creepy critters out. At the same time, they allow perfect air circulation through their screen mesh. So, it allows you to have great fresh air ventilation into your space. In addition, retracting screens have great visibility that allow you to still capture your beautiful views! Finally, although these screens cover your window, doorway or patio area, they never detract or impede your views.

So now you know the benefits, how do you select the best one for you. Well, here are some tips to help narrow down which one is the best for you.

1. Manual vs. Motorized

Large Screens

Choosing the operating method of your screen is important. The choices are manual or motorized operation. Manual screens have an adjustable handles and have easy opening and closing.Remember that not all screens are created equal, many will slam back into their housing when retracted back. Bravo Screens is a company that has a patented hydraulic clutch system that will reduce the speed of your screen as it retracts back, thus there is no slamming when closing. Instead, there is just a quiet, smooth retraction that will not startle pets or children or annoy you!

Motorization have compact motors that are hidden away within their cases that allow your screen to open and close either through remote control or motor sensors. When using a remote control, your screen will open or close with a press a single button. Of all the motorized screens available, Bravo Screens manufactures the smallest and most compact systems on the market. Choosing Motion sensor operation is a great option if you need to have wheelchair or scooters access. Also motion sensors are a great option for those of you that have pets that need access in and out of the house quite often.
Motorization is great because it gives you hands free opening and closing, so if you are entertaining or eating outside, these screens allow you to carry plates, food, beverages and even carry child inside or out without having to open or close the screen. Motorized options are the most beneficial when you have large or wide openings for your screens, such as large patio / pool areas and garages, because they require no effect to open or close large screens.

2. Screen Mesh Fabric

18 x 16 Mesh
Solar Mesh 18 x 20

Retractable screens have different mesh options available. There are:

A. Standard Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

This mesh is made from strong fiberglass mesh that provide the ideal insect protection to keep bugs and insects from entering into your space.

B. Solar Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

This mesh provides the same 100% insect protection, but also provides you with protection from UV rays, heat transfer and reduces the sun’s glare. Solar meshing helps to reduce up to 65% of sun’s damaging UV rays, as well as preventing fading or discoloring of furnishings or flooring. The solar mesh also cuts down on the heat transfer which means that your patio area is kept cooler and more comfortable. In addition, the solar mesh cuts down on the glare, which means that watching TVs and looking at computer screens is trouble free, as well as having conversations without having the bright glaring sun beaming through.

C. Pet Mesh Fabric

This mesh fabric is seven times stronger than the standard fiberglass mesh, so it provides the ultimate in protection, durability and resistance against ripping, tearing or damage that pets and small children can inflict.

3. Wind Resistance

One factor that a lot of people do not consider is wind resistance. Not all screens are made the same and stronger wind loads can cause blow out and cause damage to your screen. So when considering a screen consider the wind loads in your area. Wind loads are divided into light (<5 mph ), medium (<12mph ) and high or strong (>47mph ).

Bravo Screens manufacturers screens for every wind load. Screens for the strong wind loads (>80mph) have zippered reinforced stronger side channels. This will lock your screen into place and prevent it from blowing out even at gale force winds.

4. Mounting Options

Mounting Style:

Inside Mounting                                     Surface ( Outside ) Mounting

Inside Mount
Surface Mount
Inswing Door mount screen
If mounting in any recess it is an INSIDE MOUNT 
Surface mount screen retractable
If mounting on flush or face of the door it is an SURFACE MOUNT 

How to mount your screen in the door frame or large opening can be an issue. For example, if you wanted to place a screen on your French doors and the opened inward toward the house, then you would want a screen that had a surface mount. This would allow your screen to be placed on the surface of the frame in order that it would not interfere with your French doors.

You have your choice of mounting options:

A. Inside Mount

Your screen will mount inside the door frame and become flush or level with wall. Inside mount gives you a clean look and the screens appear to disappear into the door frame making it look like it is part of the frame itself. This is available for manual or motorized options.

B. Surface Mount

Your screen will be mounted on the surface of the door frame. This gives you a discreet look at well and is a great option for doors that have large extruding handles that may interfere with the opening and closing of your screens. This is available for manual or motorized options.

C. Built in Recessed Mount (Motorized)

The third option is a recessed look, in which a cavity or space is created within your architecture for your motorized screen casing to be housed. So the housing for your screen is never seen by the visible eye. Screens are recessed from view by integrating mounting tracks into the architecture or building of your home or business. The tracks can be embedded into wood, brick, stucco, natural stone, concrete and even decorative columns.

5. Colours

When selecting your screen, you have different color options for your screen. The frame and housing are powder coated painted and there a number of standard colors to choose from so that you can match or blend the color of your screen with the color of your door frames or accents. If there is not a perfect color, custom coloring is often available at an additional cost to give you the perfect shade for your home or business.

So as you can see there are many things to consider then selecting the right screen for your home or business. Considering these points will help you to narrow done which screen is the best for you. Retractable screens are custom fit according to your specifications, but by choosing your options to meet all your needs, your screen becomes one of a kind.

Retracting screens are ideal for a host of applications including: windows, single or double doors, patios, porches, sliding doors, French doors, garages, skylights, lanais, verandas, large enclosures such as pool areas and so much more. They provide great function and esthetics to any home or business and will give you much protection and safety for many years to come. They are ideal because they are available when you need them, but retract quietly and discreetly out of the way when you do not. What more could you ask for?